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It’s not a secret we love our pizza. Since we tried our first real Neapolitan Pizza we knew it’s our favorite one. We have been trying ever since new places in Dublin looking for a holy grail. In spite of one’s impression it’s not that hard to have a really good pizza in Dublin, new places popping out constantly.  We’ve sacrificed our tummies and tested a lot of places to put together 8 best pizza places in Dublin .

Dublin Pizza Company – 8 best pizza places in Dublin                            

Definitely our favorite! DPC was the first Neapolitan pizza we had in Dublin a no other done better since. DPC sell (like many places in Napoli) pizza on the street from a window and while you waiting outside you can watch the process of making in a tiny unit. Pizza masters in DPC brought their know-how straight from Napoli where learned the craft. Dublin Pizza Company serves pizza with perfect high and nicely burnt edges and soft and elastic inside. They also make sure what they put on the dough is high quality and local produce.

Menu is short  but options are for meat lovers, vege and vegans. There is also a seasonal pizza on the menu which usually is a mix of unusual or extravagant ingredients. There is also another place where DPC bake their pizzas – new bar The Well. We have tried over there as well and it’s legitimate.

Address: 32 Aungier St, Dublin Southside, Dublin 2
Prices: 9-13 euro

8 best pizza places in dublin

Forno500 – 8 best pizza places in Dublin

We were told it’s the best pizza place in Dublin and in fact it’s hard not to agree with it.  As much as we like to stick with DPC as number one Forno500 isn’t far off. Forno is the actual restaurant with nice  décor and good prices.  Tomato sauce which sticks to Neapolitan rules of using Marzano tomatoes was a highlight! You can’t get enough of this sweetness and Forno’s one tastes scrumptious.  Menus is wide but lacking classing option of pepperoni or salami. On top of pizza you can get pasta or risotto and whole menu is designed to have 3 course meal.

Address: 74 Dame St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Prices: 8.5-15.5 euro

8 best pizza places in dublin

Pi Pizza – 8 best pizza places in Dublin

Pizza Pi became a hit almost overnight. Place is relatively small and offers pizza, few desserts and drinks. You can choose from 8 different options of pizza and different side sauces to dip your edges (I guess it would be scandalous in Napoli but we don’t mind). There is Nduja pizza on the menu  which was chosen number one pizza in Dublin by LovinDublin. Nduja contains of tomato sauce, parmesan and scarmoza cheese, Nduja sausage, fresh basil and honey. For sure it’s one of the most interesting and well balanced pizzas we’ve had. It’s sweet, salty and spicy and we really liked it but Dawid thinks it’s a pizza you ca have half the most as it’s quite rich.

Looking strictly at quality it didn’t top DPC or Forno but it’s high in our ranking. Despite we’re focusing on pizza here we must mention service really let them down during our visit. Pizza Pi was listed as one of the best 50 pizzas in Europe by Big 7 Travel.

Address: Castle House, 10, South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2
Prices: 9 (marinara)- 14.5 euro, sauces 1.5 euro

8 best pizza places in dublin

Manifesto – 8 best pizza places in Dublin

We’ve heard a lot over long period of time Manifesto being a leader in Dublin pizza scene. We were really looking forward for  visit as it was our last place of the list. We have to say our expectations were a little over the top and in the end we were rather disappointed. Now, don’t get us wrong it’s a well made and tasty pizza but not at the same level as the ones above.

Manifesto is on the market much longer than any of the new pizza places and is well established. Other dishes were actually really nice but young guns baking pizza in small new places really bringing top class product. The prices were the highest from all places we visited and you can try pizza with Burata from their menu! Despite all of that we still think they are number 4 in our 8 best pizza places in Dublin. And their wine list id to die for.

Address: 208 Rathmines Rd Lower, Dublin 6
Prices: 12-17 euro

Sano Pizza – Best pizza places in Dublin

Located on Temple Bar pizzeria made it to our 8 best pizza places  by quality to price ratio.  It’s simple premises with pizza and desserts on the menu without any fuss. Selection is limited so you can place speedy order if waiting staff will reach your table soon enough as it might be hit and miss. Another pros is price of a glass of wine at 5 euro.  Nice simple pizza with affordable prices in the middle of Temple bar.

Address: 1-2 Exchange Street Upper, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Prices: 6-12 euro

Village Pizza Dublin – 8 best pizza places in Dublin

There is a food truck inside Eatyard, foodies heart of Dublin. You can choose from 6 types of pizza 3 on tomato sauce and 3 bianca. Prices are ok between 12-12 euro. Pizza is really tasty  with burnt edges and delightful tomato sauce. You can feel high quality ingredients some a bit more original – like chorizo instead of peperoni. You can get vegan as well. Plus on super friendly staff and service! You can only pay by cash but not to worry, ATM is just across the street or get a cash back while paying in Belfry.

Address: 36 Stoneybatter, Arran Quay, Dublin 7
Prices: 10-12 euro

8 best pizza places in dublin

Little Pyg – 8 best pizza places in Dublin

Last place we checked for you on our quest to find 8 best pizza places in Dublin and the newest one. Little Pyg is a sister establishment of well known Pygmallion. It’s located in courtyard of Powerscourt house and you will be impressed by localisation and décor itself.  The one and only Maestro Enzo Coccia (first chef to be mentioned in Michellin guide for pizza!) is behind creating menu and training pizzaiolos.

Menu in form of the fortune wheel present wide range of different treats, from Margherita to ‘Enzo Coccia Special’ with truffles. Pizza is near perfection, décor fantastic and tasty cocktails at hand with 2 for 1 promotion all week. On plus pizza is served until midnight and you go thru Pygmallion after Powerscourt House is closed. We bet it will be your next favourite place

Address: 59 William St S, Dublin 2 (Powerscourt Townhouse Centre)
Prices: 11-35 euro (most 11-16 euro) 

Cirillo – 8 best pizza places in Dublin

Cirillo’s is our latest discovery and true love! We discovered the place thanks to the fact that it was ranked 16th in the 50 best pizzerias in Europe (don’t worry too much, Italy has a separate ranking) https://www.50toppizza.it/en/50-top-europe-2020/. The ranking is actually Italian, so we trusted it and hastily went for a bite. It turned out that half of Dublin had the same idea and the restaurant was packed, but to our joy, pizza from Cirillo’s can be ordered in the pub next door – Toners. True, Toners has a slightly reduced menu, but better than nothing!

The menu is really interesting and not many places has such an appealing choice. It includes classics such as Marinara, Margherita or Capriciossa, but also Amatriciana pizza based on the all’Amatriciana pasta (tomato sauce, onion, guanciale and pecorino Romano cheese) or Burratina, pizza with smoked Burrata. We chose Calabra with Nduja and blue cheese, and Daniele with mushrooms, chorizo ​​and Provola cheese.

The edges of the pizza were deliciously baked and  we haven’t even though about ordering the garlic sauce (which, by the way, is not on the menu anyway)  the tomato sauce on pizza base was delicious and the quantity was perfect, high quality ingredients. Basically there is no element that we can find fault with! It is worth adding that the restaurant has a few options on the menu, apart from pizza, and the cocktail menu is also interesting. We were most interested in the Spritzers, so we’ll definitely be back to eat at Cirillo’s itself and try some of the other options on the menu!

Address: 140 Baggot Street, Dublin 2
Prices: 12-16 euros

If you’re not a pizza fan, but you’re looking for nice place to eat in Dublin you should check out our Etto restaurant review here.