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When we were looking for some last-minute options for Valentine’s dinner Etto was the only one restaurant in city where we could get a table for that night. We were a little bit disappointed, because we were looking for something more elegant and sophisticated, but it’s not so easy to get table for Saturday evening in Dublin City Centre, so we didn’t complained. We knew that we could expect excellent food, because Etto was mentioned in Michellin guide. But definitely we got much more than we expected.

We booked our “place” last minute, so practically it wasn’t even a table- we had our place at the bar. Restaurant is very small and they are sending food by lift. In our opinion they are serving mix of Mediterranean cusine- italian, spanisch and French food. Atmosphere is great, staff is friendly and helpful and they have Prossecco from the Tap! It has to work 🙂

Menu is seasonal and very simple, they offer lunch and dinner menu. Both contains selection of 5 starters, main courses and desserts, additionally you can choose side dish and small bites perfect to go with a glass of wine.


etto starters

Deer carpaccio on the left and smoked eel on the right


Starters we chose: smoked eel and deer carpaccio with pickled pear. Both portions were small but also delicious and made on high quality products. We ordered also homemade bread.

Main course

We didn’t think a lot about main course- it was obvious that we have to take a piece of meat. Cote de boeuf for two sounded great and it was served with bernaise sauce and crispy, garlic potatoes. We took also char grilled cabbage with roasted buckwheat. As always we went for medium rare meat and it was a good choice. Meat was so delicate that was melting in our mouth. We decided to take carafe of red wine- Maretti Langhe Rosso, but they have also whole bottles and wine by glass.


Main course was huge and we weren’t able to eat whole portion, but who is saying “no” to dessert? Not us (especially not Aneta). We decided to take roast white chocolate ganache with rhubarb and warm chocolate mousse with ice cream and Campari. What a taste! We recommend eating first one with proseco and second one with port.

etto main corse


Etto was mentioned in Michellin guide, so prices were like we expected, it wasn’t a cheap dinner, but also not enormously expensive in comparison with other Dublin’s places. What is most important- we’re paying for high quality and best products. We can’t find any weaknesses in that place, so we can only tell you that you have to visit Etto as soon as possible! We have found out recently there will be Etto sister restaurant opening – Una Mas which will feature mostly spanish cuisine while Etto will stay around Italian roots. We can not wait to try it!

You can find restaurant website here.