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Dublin may not boast the same grandeur as some other European capitals, but it’s a paradise for food lovers. With new restaurants popping up all the time, Dublin’s food scene is always exciting and evolving. From international cuisine to traditional Irish dishes, there’s something for every taste bud. If you’re looking where to eat in Dublin you’re in good hands!

Our guide will take you on a culinary journey through Dublin’s vibrant food spots and atmospheric bars, where you can enjoy a pint of Guinness or a creative cocktail. We’ll also share tips on how to save money in Dublin, as it can be an expensive city for travelers. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or a curious traveler, our guide will help you discover the best places to eat in Dublin.

Cafes and desserts – Where to eat in Dublin?

Murphy’s Ice Cream – Irish ice cream from the Dingle Peninsula. We have to admit that even for us, the price is a bit shocking for really small scoops – you have to pay 4.5 euros for a small ice cream and 7.5 euros for a large one, which we wouldn’t even call large… Among the flavors, you will also find those that refer to Ireland – sea salt from Dingle, chocolate whiskey, Irish brown bread.

Offbeat – it may not be a sophisticated proposal, but the doughnuts from Offbeat are really tasty! Don’t expect high-quality artisanal doughnuts, rather slightly chemical and very sweet ones with lots of toppings and various creams inside. We recommend trying the version with peanut butter and Reese’s on top, as well as pistachios!

Butlers Chocolate – Butlers chocolates have been produced since 1932 and are really delicious. We recommend a box as a unique gift from Ireland. Butlers also has a network of cafes where you can buy their products, you will find them in many places in the city. A complimentary chocolate is included with every coffee order.

Elliot’s – they call themselves a micro bakery and bake real wonders! Elliot’s is probably the only place in Dublin where you can enjoy Italian maritozzi – delicate brioche filled with cream, and at Elliot’s, they also offer additions like lemon cream (they also make pistachio, but availability depends on the day!). We also tried the Basque cheesecake and coffee, and everything was delicious! During the week, you can also get hot sandwiches there, and besides sweets, you can stock up on bread or bagels. It’s not the cheapest bakery in town, but definitely one of the best, and on weekends, there’s a line forming in front of it!

House of Read – an elegant, recently renovated cafe with a historical background. In addition to coffee, they also have many tempting chocolates!

where to eat in dublin
where to eat in dublin

Breakfast/brunch – Where to eat in Dublin?

Brother Hubbard – a brilliant place for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. The dishes are inspired by the Middle East, served in an interesting and colorful way, the menu is rotating, but there will definitely be no boredom! Brother Hubbard serves delicious hummus, and we recommend trying the Mezze Tray, a plate of deliciousness that includes meat (there is also a vegetarian option), hummus, pickles, and coleslaw. We guarantee that there will be no shortage of interesting, original options on the menu! Brother Hubbard currently has four locations.

Oxmantown – we recommend Oxmantown to all the busy people who are in a rush. You can grab a sandwich and go, and you will appreciate it because everyone takes their sandwich and runs. The menu includes classics such as ham and cheese, as well as the Ruby inspired by New York with pastrami or a more Irish option with black pudding. There are also pastries, soup, and salads, as well as delicious coffee!

147 Deli – some of the best sandwiches in the city! 147 Deli sells sandwiches from a window, and at lunchtime, there is always a queue regardless of the weather! Try the Korean pork or cheese steak sandwich – it’s heavenly! They also serve very tasty coffee.

Greenville Deli – a little eatery selling toasted sandwiches and coffee with locations in Rathmines and Inchicore. We particularly recommend their Reuben; while they might not offer as much beef as in New York, the quality is truly excellent!

Fish and chips – Where to eat in Dublin?

We had a serious issue with fish and chips in Dublin. After all, it’s one of Ireland’s flagship fast-food dishes, yet it was difficult for us to find something of decent quality in Dublin that we could recommend to you! In the end, we managed to test one place, and even though it’s not a typical fast-food spot, the food is delicious and you’ll be satisfied!

Fish Shop – a tiny wine bar serving a few simple and tasty fish dishes, including excellent fish and chips! Prices are a bit higher, but the quality is fantastic, and the fish is fresh! Their homemade tartar sauce is noteworthy as well – one of the best we’ve had! The place will appeal to fans of good wines; they serve a truly great selection, and we particularly recommend trying the Basque rosé! Fish Shop is quite popular, and the seating is limited – we recommend making a reservation or getting your order to go.

where to eat in dublin
where to eat in dublin

Delicatessen – Where to eat in Dublin?

There is no shortage of delicatessens in Dublin where you can often enjoy a tasty meal on site. We love all of these places and stop by for both shopping and a bite to eat!

Fallon and Byrne – a delicatessen where you can find delicacies from many corners of Europe, the highest quality cheeses, hams, anchovies, vegetables that are hard to find in other stores, wonderful bread and excellent wines. At Fallon, you can stop by the deli section and grab a quick bite, go to the restaurant upstairs, or their wine cellar for a glass (or bottle) of wine.

Ayla – Turkish delicatessen where you can buy delicious baklava, amazing hummus, ‘Turkish delight’ and olives, as well as many other Turkish delicacies. We’ve been tempted by the borek and various sandwiches on display, but haven’t tried them yet.

Asia Market – you can probably only get small steamed buns to go there, which you may associate with 7eleven if you’ve been to Thailand. However, if you need to stock up on Asian products, you’ve hit the jackpot! Asia Market on Drury Street will supply you with everything your heart desires!

where to eat in dublin
where to eat in dublin

Fast food – Where to eat in Dublin?

Zaytoon – kebab is not something we would normally recommend, but Zaytoon serves an original Persian kebab, whose quality really surprises! It is one of the budget options for lunch or dinner, but it’s worth giving it a try. It’s worth noting that their flatbreads, in which they wrap the toppings, are baked in a traditional oven and are really hard to beat!

Rayna – if you’re looking for a decent kebab, Rayna is the second option we recommend. They say it’s the best kebab in town, although in our opinion, Zaytoon is slightly ahead. Nevertheless, fans of quality kebabs will be satisfied!

Boojum – a Mexican chain with burritos, burrito bowls, nachos, and tacos. Quite tasty options, affordable prices (you can really eat well for under a tenner!). As fast food goes, this is a nice option and not as unhealthy as you might think.

Yeeroz – a fast-service bar with Greek souvlaki. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a truly decent gyro there – in pita bread, in a pot or as a platter. Apart from the gyro, which is really delicious and closely resembles the ones we had in Greece (our Greek friend took us there), you will also find a variety of Greek appetizers. There’s spanakopita (filo pastry filled with spinach and feta), grilled halloumi, and feta in filo pastry. The original location is on Drumcondra, and there is another one on Wexford Street. There are plans to open more locations in the future.

Seafood – Where to eat in Dublin?

This section features restaurants that serve typical seafood dishes. Note that most restaurants in the ‘Casual fine dining’ and ‘Fine dining’ sections also likely offer seafood options.

Octopussy’s – located not in the center of Dublin, but in Howth (which is worth visiting!), this tapas bar’s menu is based on seafood and fish. It’s a popular spot, so don’t be surprised to see a queue! The food is fresh (Howth has a port) and delicious.

Fish shack – also not located in the center of Dublin, but in the Sandycove neighborhood in the south of the city (which is worth a visit), this restaurant’s menu revolves around fish and seafood. We ate at their Malahide location, but we believe the quality is the same!

Food courts – Where to eat in Dublin?

Eatyard – a concept that started at the Bernard Shaw pub and features several food trucks. At Eatyard, you order drinks from the pub at your table (both indoor and outdoor seating is available), then take a round to the food trucks to decide what will land on your plate today. It’s a great option for groups of friends when everyone wants something different to eat! We love Village Dublin Pizza there, and we also fell in love with tacos from Orale, which unfortunately no longer appear there. At Eatyard, some food trucks rotate – something appears, something disappears, but there’s never a dull moment! More information about the restaurants currently featured at Eatyard can be found here.

Dollard and Co – formerly a delicatessen, now a food court. Dollard and Co. has always been a great place to grab a slice of pizza, and now there are a few other restaurants to choose from. The interior has a loft-like atmosphere, and the whole place has a bit of a New York vibe, so if you love New York, you have to check out this spot!

Baste BBQ – grill masters! Baste is an outdoor spot offering grill dishes that have nothing to do with boring sausages (although we have nothing against grilled sausages :D). The menu is short, the food is delicious, and the atmosphere is great. We tried the steak, padron peppers, Dutch bitterballen, and a sandwich called choripan with sausage inside. Some dishes come with perfectly paired sauces, and their fries are flawless! Unfortunately, their spot has been closed for some time, and their website promises a new location – we’ll leave you their contact information and wait for developments! Until they have a new location, you can meet them at various food festivals in the city.

where to eat in dublin
where to eat in dublin

Burgers and Steaks – Where to Eat in Dublin?

Below, you will find primarily cool burger joints, but if you’re wondering where to eat a delicious steak in Dublin, check out the menus of the restaurants we present in the “Casual Fine Dining” and “Fine Dining” sections, as practically all of these places have them on their menus.

Butcher Grill – a place with a cool, simple interior and a very meaty menu (there are also fish dishes!). You’ll find both excellent burgers and fantastic steaks there! The menu also includes a Cote du Boeuf for two. For starters, we recommend ordering oysters.

Bunsen – the simplest concept in the world and an Irish chain that has grown from a small pub to several locations in different parts of Ireland. At Bunsen, you can choose between a burger and a cheeseburger, both available in a double option. The toppings are always the same, but if you don’t like something, you can ask to omit the ingredient. Simple and relatively cheap, but very tasty, and the quality of the beef for a chain restaurant can be a big surprise. As a side, you can order two types of fries made from regular potatoes, as well as sweet potato fries.

Wow burger – another simple chain concept, although in our opinion, it falls short in terms of taste and quality compared to Bunsen, but it still serves tasty burgers at affordable prices. At Wow Burger, you can order a burger, cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, as well as vegetarian and vegan options, and after ordering the “base,” you can choose any number of toppings from their list of ingredients. Be sure to order fries because the burgers are quite small!

Token – not your typical restaurant, as Token is a place where you can try your luck playing games on machines, which is where the name of the restaurant comes from – ‘tokens’ are purchased to play. In addition to delicious burgers, the menu also includes decent cocktails!

Dash – hailed by many as the best burger in Dublin, which we don’t entirely agree with. Dash serves so-called “smash” burgers, with meat pressed into a thinner slice that has slightly caramelized, crispy edges. The burger itself was tasty, but a big minus for us was the cold bun!

where to eat in dublin
where to eat in dublin

Asian and Indian – Where to eat in Dublin?

Nightmarket – probably the only authentic and extremely tasty Thai restaurant in Dublin. We’re talking about a real Thai restaurant, where we shed tears after returning from Thailand, not one of the popular Asian fast food places. We recommend the Tom Yum soup and Pad Thai, as well as the eggplant appetizer if it’s on the menu. The papaya salad was tasty, although we had better in Thailand – our memories have faded, so maybe we need to give it another chance!

Hang Dai – really interesting Chinese restaurant and, as with Nightmarket, we don’t mean a Chinese chipper. Hang Dai’s decor is styled after a metro car, the place is small, and apparently in the past, you could catch a party with a DJ on the weekends – we’re waiting for those times to return! Hang Dai is a restaurant on the border of casual and fine dining, famous for its whole roasted duck (the restaurant advises ordering the duck in advance if you plan to go there for that reason!). All flavor compositions are truly wonderful!

Kinara Kitchen – one of the best Indian restaurants in Dublin. However, this is not a typical chipper but a rather solid restaurant. Indian dishes melt in your mouth, the menu is extensive, and the interior is very elegant.

Aobaba – a very simple Vietnamese eatery that mainly serves pho soup and banh mi, and also fried rice on the menu. It’s simple, very tasty, and the portions are huge! Unfortunately, you can’t pay by card there, cash is necessary!

Hakkahan – a simple Chinese restaurant, not to be confused with fast food! You’ll have heavenly dumplings at Hakkahan! We haven’t tried anything other than the dumplings yet, but we’re craving for more.

Little dumpling – a place where you’ll try Chinese dim sum, mainly dumplings. We highly recommend it to all fans of Chinese cuisine and all kinds of dumplings!

Bites by Kwangi – the development of Asian cuisine, but not in the form of cheap chippers, is extremely pleasing to us in Dublin! Bites by Kwangi offers dumplings, bao, salads, and various bowls. Of all the aforementioned eateries, this was the least impressive to us. It’s worth noting that this is a concept that mixes several Asian cuisines – Chinese, Thai, Korean.

Xian Street Food – really tasty noodles at good prices! If you’re looking for something quick and don’t plan to delve into the secrets of Chinese cuisine, it’s worth checking out.

Arisu – Korean restaurant on Capel Street where you can try many Korean delicacies, including Korean BBQ. We highly recommend the Korean Box, which is similar to a bento box – the portion is huge, and before the main dish, a broth (similar to miso soup) and pickles are served. The box itself contains samples of 3 dishes from the menu, rice, and one dumpling. It’s a great option for indecisive people who want to taste several dishes at once!

Big Fan – Chinese tapas and delicious bao buns! Big Fan is poetry and such a level that it blows your mind, and on top of that, there’s really wonderful service and reasonable prices. You choose items from the menu by marking a cross next to the desired dish on the paper menu, and in the case of multiple servings, by the number. The staff will explain how many plates you should order. The Big Fan pork bao was brilliant, enoki with chili oil and garlic is world-class! We also recommend the Taiwanese-style chicken and the scarmoza cheese wontons. On a nice day, we recommend sitting outside because it’s very noisy and hard to talk inside.

Janet’s – for fans of Asian street food, Janet’s is one of the food trucks you will find at Eatyard. Delicious pork belly bao buns with pickled cabbage! And in addition to the buns, you can also choose from gyoza dumplings and a slightly healthier option – rice bowls.

White Rabbit – an inexpensive eatery hidden behind an Asian store. You can choose from Korean cupbap, which are rice bowls with toppings, corndogs, and Korean chicken wings. Simple, delicious, and cheap! Perfect place for a quick lunch.

where to eat in dublin
where to eat in dublin

Pizza – Where to eat in Dublin?

As pizza fanatics, especially Neapolitan pizza, we couldn’t skip it when writing about where to eat in Dublin. We’ve even written a whole article on the 8 best pizza places in Dublin! Since Dublin and pizza go hand in hand, and new, tasty places are popping up like mushrooms after the rain, below are a few more options on where to eat pizza in Dublin.

Bonobo – a great place to meet up with friends due to its excellent selection of beer and beer garden. The pizza they serve there is really delicious! The most interesting option on the menu is the white pizza with potatoes!

Rascals – craft beers from a mini brewery on site and really tasty pizza are the perfect duo! Even Italians only accept beer (or possibly coke) with pizza. Rascals’ interior is not particularly impressive, as it is a large hall, and it can be noisy and not very cozy.

Stone – the name refers to the district in which Stone is located – Stoneybatter. What more can be said, another great Neapolitan!

Uno Pizza – a slightly weaker proposal in the southern part of the city, but still worth mentioning, as you might get stuck in that area with an empty stomach!

Wallace Tavern – although it is only seasonal pizza, Wallace is one of the few places where you can eat pizza with pistachios, mortadella, and burrata!

where to eat in dublin
where to eat in dublin

Ramen – Where to eat in Dublin?

As big fans of ramen, we are constantly lamenting that we haven’t yet found the perfect bowl in Dublin, and we’re starting to lose hope that it’s even possible to find one better than what we make at home. However, if you’re wondering where to eat ramen in Dublin, we have four great recommendations for you. Each place has something special to offer, but they all serve up delicious bowls of ramen. Even if you’re a ramen purist, you’ll be satisfied! And if you’re not, well, you’re in luck too.

The Ramen Bar – probably the oldest and best ramen restaurant in Dublin, where you can expect a truly aromatic and rich broth. The Ramen Bar also has the widest selection on the menu and the most interesting toppings, some with a slight twist, but everything goes together well. The noodles are tasty, but if they borrowed the meat from Takara Ramen, they’d be very close to the ramen holy grail!

Takara – the cheapest ramen in Dublin, where you can get a bowl of soup with standard ramen-sized portions (which means they’re large :D) for around 10-12 euros. The broth is delicious and the meat, with an emphasis on chashu pork belly and beef, is superb.

Nomo Ramen – ramen in the style of LA and NYC, so if you’re a fan of richer ramen, you may not like it as much. Made with a delicate, chicken-based Tori Paitan broth with a milky color and a subtle leek flavor, a vegan version is also available. The toppings are tasty, especially the pork chashu, but there aren’t enough of them – we’re proponents of quality over quantity, but it would be nice to have a whole egg in the ramen, not just half. The noodles in this ramen were probably the least impressive, and overall it lacked a bit of character. The portion size is small, so there shouldn’t be any problem finishing the whole bowl.

YOI Ramen – a ramen shop located near the Dublin docks, where we don’t recommend ordering sushi because sushi with falling apart rice doesn’t bode well. The ramen, on the other hand, turned out to be very tasty! The noodles, meat, toppings, and broth were all very good. It didn’t bring tears of joy to our eyes while we were eating it, but it was definitely delicious and worth checking out.

where to eat in dublin
where to eat in dublin

Tacos – Where to eat in Dublin?

Orale – a food truck with tacos that sets up in Dublin’s Dun Laoghaire neighborhood. Interesting flavor combinations, crispy chicken and great pork. These are the kind of tacos worth spending your last pennies on!

El Grito – at El Grito, you will find simple tacos with only meat, onion and cilantro, and salsas are available on the table for your use. Although their tacos tasted the least to us, they are probably the most authentic. The restaurant is packed and you can see a lot of Mexicans there, and the prices and menu, which includes not only tacos, are inviting for a visit. It is worth adding that you can get tacos with meat from pig’s head there, which is definitely an interesting option, although somewhat disappointing because they have a little intense flavor.

Los Chicanos – another food truck that you must follow on social media to find out where to catch them. Here we have an internal debate about whether the tastier tacos are with chorizo or perhaps a tuna tostada. Both options melt in your mouth!

where to eat in dublin
where to eat in dublin

Casual fine dining – Where to eat in Dublin?

Etto – one of our favorite restaurants in Dublin, which we dedicated an entire separate post to! If you’re looking where to eat in Dublin for special ocasion, but in casual style it’s great choice! You can find more about Etto here.

Uno Mas – the sister restaurant of the aforementioned Etto with more of a Spanish twist. Uno Mas is small and also offers bar seating, and the menu is seasonal and often changes. The menu starts with ‘para picas’, which are small bites that can be treated like Spanish tapas. The ingredients used are of the highest quality, and all flavors are carefully paired and we are sure they will not disappoint! We cannot recommend specific dishes due to frequent menu rotations, but we are confident that there is nothing there that one would regret eating!

The Legal Eagle – a restaurant that was temporarily removed from our guide due to its closure, which was initiated by the pandemic. The Legal Eagle was closed for a good few years, but we have lived to see its reopening! The interior has remained unchanged, just like the great food! The menu consists of snacks, larger and smaller plates – the smaller ones can be shared in the style of tapas, and that’s what we did this time. From the snacks, we chose the exquisite pan con tomate, in their version on focaccia, which we highly recommend. The dish that really blew us away was the huge prawns with ‘nduja and onion, but the entire dinner was worthy of praise!

Mister S – a restaurant specializing in food prepared over an open flame, poetry! The menu is simple and concise, quite meat-heavy (but there are also vegetarian options), and you can expect some excellent steaks. We also remember the fantastic shrimp!

where to eat in dublin
where to eat in dublin

Pichet – an elegant bistro serving a mix of French and Irish cuisine. In our opinion, a great place for a special occasion lunch.

Luna – a great Italian restaurant with a dark, atmospheric decor – a perfect place for a date! We visited Luna a few years ago before it closed and were very happy when it returned to Dublin’s map!

Mae – a cozy interior and excellent service, as well as fantastic wine pairing. We had some really good dishes there, but they fall a bit short of Michelin star level (they were mentioned in the guide, but didn’t receive any stars). Nevertheless, the restaurant is worth a visit, and the wine (they only serve French wine) is stunning!

Library Street – the concept of this place is based on sharing, basically every dish can be ordered to the table and you can try different things with your partner or friends. The menu changes and is seasonal, and our hearts were stolen by the small bites and appetizers – we tried all the options on the menu! If you notice oysters or wild garlic risotto in the menu, try them without hesitation! One dish that has received a lot of media attention is the turbot head! It’s an intriguing zero waste style dish and truly delicious!

where to eat in dublin
where to eat in dublin

Fine dining – Where to eat in Dublin?

Chapter One – two Michelin stars speak for themselves, this place is absolutely exceptional and should be chosen for special occasions. Unfortunately, the prices are staggering and booking a table is almost impossible. If you are planning a trip and would like to dine here, we recommend keeping an eye on their booking page several months in advance. You need to book a table literally at the moment when the reservation for the given month opens, and even then there is no guarantee that you will succeed.

D’Olier Street – located in a historic building, this restaurant is a great spot for a date. The decor is simple, and the food is delicious; in our opinion, it’s a strong candidate for a Michelin star in the future! (and we had a good nose, because we visited D’Olier in November 2023, and they earned a star at the beginning of 2024) We went there to try the brilliant tasting menu, starting with small bites and mini sandwiches. We had an amazing, mouth-watering pork dish and finished the entire dinner with a series of mini desserts. We were lucky to get a table right by the open kitchen, so we spent the whole evening watching the chefs skillfully prepare the food. Special mention goes to the excellent and friendly service!

Bastible – although the atmosphere and interior are rather casual, Bastible serves typical fine dining cuisine. Recently awarded a well-deserved Michelin star, it is probably the cheapest restaurant in Dublin with this distinction. When we saw chicken on the menu, we were a bit disappointed, but we were wrong, as we discovered. It was the best chicken we’ve ever had! Served in three ways, the Korean-style chicken stood out the most in our memory, it was poetry!

where to eat in dublin
where to eat in dublin

Bang – an elegant, French restaurant where you will find only classics on the menu – there is foie gras or a delicious steak.

Mano – a culinary gem in Howth! The menu is based on local ingredients, but the dishes lean more towards Italian fine dining with a few Irish items. The cannolo with creamy chicken liver pate was brilliant, as was the combination of burrata with celery. The portions are rather small, so we recommend opting for a 3-course meal and taking extra vegetables with the main course.

where to eat in dublin
where to eat in dublin

Others – Where to eat in Dublin?

Ella’s Heaven – a Georgian bakery that serves several traditional Georgian dishes such as chinkali or khachapuri. The approach to the customer is typically Georgian – no rush, relaxed, so it’s worth having time and patience, but you will definitely not regret eating there!

MacKenzies – a beautiful place located on the docks, where the bar attracts the most attention. The menu includes various variations on spritzes and many other cocktails. You will find pizza (quite good!), pasta, burgers, or fish and chips on the menu – a mish-mash typical of many restaurants in Dublin. However, despite the mish-mash, we enjoyed everything very much, and the prices are quite reasonable compared to other places in this area.

where to eat in dublin
where to eat in dublin

Traditional Irish pubs – Where to eat in Dublin?

The following two paragraphs will not be about where to eat in Dublin, but where to drink. Although it’s worth noting that Irish pubs often serve really delicious food and there’s nothing to worry about!

The Long Hall – unquestionably the most beautiful traditional Irish pub! We didn’t eat there, but we visited many times for a drink and highly recommend it. It’s not worth wasting time on the touristy and crowded Temple Bar, the Long Hall is a really great choice.

Abbey Tavern – one of our favorite places in Howth, a cozy pub with pretty good food.

The Merchant Arch – when it comes to Temple Bar, we don’t usually like the pubs there because they’re expensive and full of tourists. But we make an exception for the Merchant Arch pub! It’s one of those places where you can enjoy live music several times a week.

Johnnie Foxes – a classic located in the Dublin Mountains, a bit touristy but loved by locals! Inside it’s beautiful and cozy, so if you can get there, be sure to visit!

where to eat in dublin
where to eat in dublin

Hole in the Wall – a great pub, which like Strawberry Hall, is a great place to visit during the Christmas! It looks beautiful and they also serve pretty good food.

The Blue Light – a pub with undoubtedly the best view of Dublin! It’s located in the Dublin Mountains, not far from Johnnie Foxes, and the view from their terrace is worth a sin!

Gin’s Palace – a cozy, traditional pub in the northern part of the city. Don’t worry, they don’t just serve gin 🙂

John Kavanagh The Gravediggers – a traditional Irish pub established in 1833, and reportedly, the main room has remained unchanged since then. It’s located in an unusual place – in a residential area right next to Glasnevin Cemetery. The pub’s owner founded it a year after the cemetery opened, noticing a significant amount of activity in the area. The addition of ‘Gravediggers’ in the name comes from the gravediggers who gladly frequented the pub during their work. So willingly, in fact, that the cemetery’s managers decided to move the main gate to a different location and close access to the cemetery from the pub side – the move succeeded only partially, as the gravediggers continued to order pints through the gate’s bars…

Wrights Anglers Rest – a pub located near the Liffey River near Phoenix Park. We really like this place in the summer, when you can sit outside. The food is tasty, and the menu is full of classics – we remember the duck liver pate!

Strawberry Hall – an absolute must if you’re in Dublin during the Christmas period! This pub looks like Santa’s cottage then, it’s beautiful and cozy! And additionally, right next to it, there’s the Goats Gruff food truck where you can order pizza and take it with you to the pub. The only downside is that it’s far from the city center and the only way to get there is by car.

where to eat in dublin
where to eat in dublin

Bars and Cocktail Bars – Where to eat in Dublin?

1661 bar – the place that is not often found in the northern part of the city! Bar 1661 is a cocktail bar that was chosen as the best cocktail bar in Ireland in 2022 and is likely still the best place for cocktails in Dublin. The drinks are delicious and very interesting, and the prices (for Dublin) are reasonable. The menu is presented in the form of a book, and each cocktail has its own story often referring to the history of Ireland or the dominant alcohol. You can expect many cocktails based on poitin, which is Irish moonshine.

Vintage Cocktail Club (VCC) – one of the first speakeasy-style bars in Dublin, located in the lively Temple Bar area. It can be hard to find without the address, as the bar has no sign and is entered through uninviting black doors. The prohibition-style interior, delicious cocktails, and great atmosphere make it worth visiting. It’s advisable to make a reservation, as this place is very popular!

37 Dawson – a bar located on one of the most interesting streets in Dublin – Dawson Street. The dark, intriguing interior and randomly selected accessories that still match each other perfectly give the place a unique atmosphere. It’s worth knowing what you want to drink, as the bar doesn’t have a separate cocktail menu.

Cafe en Seine – a bright, glamorous bar that’s great for a girls’ night out. They also serve food, so you won’t go hungry!

Peruke and Perwig – another dark, atmospheric bar with great cocktails. If 37 Dawson is too crowded, there’s a chance you’ll find a little table for yourself in Peruke and Perwig.

The Bank – a monumental bar in a former bank building with attention-grabbing crystal chandeliers. The decor is quite impressive!

The Church – if you’re looking for unusual places with impressive interiors and you’re in the northern part of Dublin, then The Church is the perfect place for you! It’s a bar located in a deconsecrated church – certainly a unique place on the Dublin map.

Sophie’s – one of the few rooftop bars in Dublin. Unfortunately, the view of the city from above isn’t breathtaking, but if you still want to see it from above, then Sophie’s is definitely a good choice.

Pygmalion – a pub and cocktail bar during the day, and a night club at night. A relaxed, unpretentious place that’s slightly hipster and loved by the locals.

The Forty Foot – a bit outside the center of Dublin, in Dun Laoghaire, there’s a unique Wetherspoon bar. We’re generally not fans of this chain, as it’s a mass-market with cheap, frozen food not worth paying attention to. The Forty Foot is located in a great location right by the port, and the terrace on the first floor offers great views! One of its advantages is also the cheap alcohol, although many of their beers are “own brands” and don’t always taste like the originals.

The French Paradox – a wine shop where you can go for wine tasting or take one of the few seats and enjoy an excellent selection of French wines. After a few glasses, it’s worth visiting Mae, which is located on the upper floor and has already been mentioned.

Sfuso – an Italian restaurant serving wine and snacks to wine, as well as a few simple Italian dishes.

Frank’s Wine Bar – a place in one of our favorite parts of Dublin, which ironically kept the old sign of a butcher’s shop. There’s now a small wine bar where you can also buy wine. They serve classic snacks with the wine. A very cozy place, perfect for a first date!

Bar Pez – a wine bar located in one of our favorite areas of Dublin, near Camden Street. It’s the sister bar of Fish Shop, both places have the same excellent wine menu. In addition to wines, you can order wine snacks throughout the day, and in the evenings, the kitchen opens up. Bar Pez also primarily serves fish dishes. The ambiance of the bar is like a teleportation to Spain, not to a fancy, trendy bar, but to a cozy, local spot – the kind we like the most!

Fidelity – a multitap in Smithfield that offers a truly wide selection of beers, as well as wine and cocktails. The decor is great and atmospheric. We’re pleased that in addition to Fish Shop (which is right next door, so you can combine a visit to both places in one day!), this part of the city has seen the opening of a fantastic spot for hanging out with friends!

The Big Romance – a great, atmospheric bar in the northern part of the city center. The decor is dark and varied with vinyl records, the music is well-chosen but not too loud, and you can talk freely. There’s a wide selection of craft beers and cocktails. However, we don’t recommend the pizza, which is delivered from an outside restaurant – it’s small, average-tasting, and expensive (for its size and quality).

where to eat in dublin
where to eat in dublin

How to save money in Dublin? – Where to eat in Dublin?

Look for a hotel with breakfast included – often hotels or bed&breakfasts offer breakfast included in the price, which can save you 5-15 euros, and if an Irish breakfast is included, we guarantee that you won’t be hungry until afternoon!

Lunch specials and early bird deals – many restaurants offer much more affordable prices during lunchtime, and if you really want to eat something in the evening, look for early bird or pre-theater menus.

Asian restaurants – you’ll find the best prices and largest portions in them. In general, all ethnic places are usually inexpensive, they may not look the prettiest, but the food is usually very tasty, portions are huge, and prices are low.

Lunch meal deal at delis – every shop like Centra or Spar has a “deli” section where they make sandwiches fresh. Such a sandwich is often offered in a ‘meal deal’ with chips and a drink for 5-6 euros. Other shops like Tesco also often have promotions on lunch sets with sandwiches.

Avoid Temple Bar – you’ll pay much more for a pint at Temple Bar than in other pubs in the center. It may not be cheap, but it’s certainly cheaper elsewhere! The cheapest alcohol can be found at JD Wetherspoon.

Markets like Lidl or Aldi – if you plan to cook on your own or want to stock up on snacks, avoid shops like Spar, Centra, Fresh, and Cost Cut – prices are significantly higher in them! Instead, go to Aldi, Lidl, or Tesco. Dunnes and SuperValu can be slightly more expensive, but it will still be cheaper than the ones mentioned at the beginning!

where to eat in dublin
where to eat in dublin