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About us

Aneta and Dawid

We’re a couple since 2012, but we know each other since we can remember! It is hard not to know each other if you come from the same village and your houses are 700 meters apart, isn’t it? First five years of our relationship we lived separately in two different countries and we survived despite the fact that everybody was saying we couldn’t do that. We have started our relationship from little, secret travel and we have never stopped travelling. We’re convinced that the best way to know the place is to eat there, so we’re eating a lot during travelling. Actually we’re living in Ireland, but who knows what will happened next?


I have moved to Ireland straight after graduation in 2017 and it was the biggest challenge in my life. New world, new language, new people and only one friendly face- but impossible is nothing, I get it. I graduated Envinronmental Engineering and I am working as a Civil Engineer in a great Irish company. Working in my profession is a fun for me and I have a lot of challenges every day, but in my opinion it’s nothing better than runaway to travel. I’m travelling and food freak because of Dawid- yes, it’s all his fault! But I’m very grateful for that- I have never had enough courage to go somewhere on my own. I’m a brain of a “BLOG” operation, I created that page, and I’m writing it and taking care every day.


I have been living In Ireland since 2008 before I spent some time working in Poland and I worked on the cruise ship travelling around Caribbean Sea and Mediterranean. I am a Technician of Hotel Industry and I have worked in this business since I am 20. I like to be on the move, love to travel, ride my bikes and ski, climb in mountains and getting to know new places thru their cuisine and wine, especially wine ;). I love to share these moments with my wife there is no better time than quality time together.  Wherever we go I try to get to the highest point to get THAT view and I am getting bored after one hour on the beach. I am getting depressed if there is no new adventure on the radar simply when coming back from abroad there has to be another travel being planned that’s what I enjoy the most. Here I’m taking care of pictures and translations.