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Tirokafteri is one of the many dips that can be found on the Greek menu, it’s a spicy dip made of feta cheese. While we tried melitzanosalats (eggplant dip) on the first day, it took a little longer to approach tirokafteri. Why? David is usually sceptical about anything described as spicy or piquant, and it took me a while to convince him to try this Greek feta cheese dip. It turned out delicious! It can be compared to a spicy, cheese nachos sauce, but served cold. This isn’t our first home-made Greek dip, but we honestly admit that it tastes 100% the same as the one we tried in Greece!

greek feta cheese dip

Ingredients – Greek feta cheese dip

Feta cheese 200g (1 packaging)
1 roasted red pepper (we baked ourselves, but apparently you can use canned peppers)
A tablespoon of oil
A tablespoon of Greek yogurt
Clove of garlic
One red chilli or a teaspoon of powder (add less and check the degree of hotness)
A little salt if the feta isn’t very salty

greek feta cheese dip

Preparation method – Greek feta cheese dip

We start by baking the pepper in halves, the seeds should be hollowed out. Bake the pepper for 30 minutes (it’s worth putting it in the oven when baking something else, you can do it even the day before) at 200 degrees, after taking it out, remove the skin immediately. Blend the cooled pepper, feta cheese, garlic, olive oil and yogurt, the mass doesn’t have to be super smooth, delicate lumps are desirable. Add the chilli and blend again, check the taste – if the hotness and saltiness levels are fine, the dip can be served.

How to serve – Greek feta cheese dip

Tirokafteri, as well as other dips and snacks, can be served in the form of a mezze – a plate of snacks. Warm pita bread works best with Greek feta cheese dip. Tirokafteri can also be served as a spread for bread, but it also works brilliantly as a dip with nachos or vegetables.

greek feta cheese dip