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Today we would like to present first post from new series of recipes from around the world. We are enjoying a lot trying local food while abroad. When we can’t travel we are trying to recreate tastes of our travels at home.  Sometimes it works better sometimes worse but we decided to share the results with you. What would you say for creamy garlic soup originated in Slovakia?

This creamy garlic soup we discovered when skiing in Slovakia.  You can find two types – cream of garlic or clear broth with lots of pieces of garlic (a little bit like Silesian bread&water soup). Both versions are served with croutons and shaved cheese. So far we’ve tried  to make creamy soup and this is how it’s done!

If you don’t trust your cooking skills and would prefer try it in the restaurant we highly reccomend trip to Jasna Ski Resort or anywhere else in Slovakia!

Ingredients – Slovakian garlic soup

2 garlic bulbs
Medium onion
½ kg of potatoes
2 spoons of cream
1-1,5 litre of broth (prepared earlier)
Spoon of butter
Salt, Pepper, Marjoram, Lovage

Toppings – Slovakian garlic soup

Shaved Cheese (Gouda or Emental)
Optional cheese croissant

Directions – Slovakian garlic soup

Peel garlic and onion. Crush garlic and chop roughly do the same with onion. Peel potatoes and cut into small cubes.  Put butter and garlic in a cold pot and place on the stove. You start with garlic from cold butter and pan to make sure it gives fully its flavour. Put on medium heat and stir continuously to make sure garlic don’t burn.  When butter melts add onion and continue for 2 minutes then add potatoes. 

Let it fry for one minute and add broth, all ingredients should be well covered by liquid. Boil until potatoes are soft. Take of the stove and blend until smooth. To keep your blades in a good shape you should blend when get cold. If soup hot put a cream in a separate bowl and add little soup and stir vigorously to avoid curdle. Add such prepared cream to your soup. Season well with salt, pepper and herbs. When serving put cheese on the bottom of your bowl add soup and finish with croutons or croissant.

slovakian creamy garlic soup

It was a pleasant surprise our soup tasted almost the same as the one in tried in Slovakia. Creamy, garlic soup is great for colder days it will warm you up and is quite filling. If you are going to Slovakia especially for skiing in Jasna resort you will be able to try the original yourself.