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Our list of food to try in any place is endless and our bodies start to shake just thinking about how much food we have to fit in. Due to unforeseen circumstances we had only one day instead of weekend in Mallorca (you can read more about here). We were under impression 2 days for trying all tasty treats is quite a little and one day only is pure madness! It’s not difficult to guess we haven’t tried everything that is worth to try in Mallorca but we’ve done our best. Do you wonder what to try in Mallorca? Well, here’s our mini culinary guide!

EnsaimadaWhat to try in Mallorca?

Yeast dough cake in unusual spiral shape similar to snail’s shell sprinkled with powder sugar. Ensaimada classic version is filled with thick pudding cream (ensaimada de crema). There are different fillings available like chocolate, it’s worth to try a few.

Pa’amb oliWhat to try in Mallorca?

Pa’amb oli is nothing else than bread with tomato and olive oil. In Catalonia is known as ‘pa amb tomàquet’. However we noticed in Mallorca is often served as open sandwich with cheese and ham not only with 3 main ingredients. We liked Catalan better because of type of bread used in Mallorca is quite dense and dry in Catalonia is baguette style. All in all it’s a nice snack.

what to try in mallorca

Panada de CarnWhat to try in Mallorca?

Brittle dough filled with meat, precisely lamb. You can have meat & peas version – panada de carn I pesos. Tasty and filling snack.

Pica PicaWhat to try in Mallorca?

Squid in spicy tomato sauce – whole dish looks like tomato goulash. Very tasty dish which we tried in form of tapas. If you’re afraid of seafood pica pica might be a good start to break the ice.

what to try in mallorca

Frito MallorquinWhat to try in Mallorca?

Traditional Mallorca dish contains of fried vegetables like potatoes and peppers with offal – most often liver or kidneys. Usually made from lamb or pork offal. You should know ‘Frito’ in Mallorca is stir fried not like Italian deep fried type of dish.

what to try in mallorca

Frito MarineroWhat to try in Mallorca?

The only difference from Frito Mallorquin is use of seafood instead of offal. Dish much more approachable if you’re not a fan of offal ( Team Aneta). It has nice deep seafood flavour.

LechonWhat to try in Mallorca?

Roasted suckling pig with delicate aroma and super crunchy & salty skin. The one in Mallorca has nothing to do with factory farmed pig, it’s local and super tasty.

what to try in mallorca

Greixonera de brossat What to try in Mallorca?

Creamy cheesecake melting in mouth and definite must try! We got it during morning market when we were actually full but couldn’t resist. It had aroma of fresh homemade cottage cheese and beside Corsican ‘Fiadone’ one of the top.

what to try in mallorca

Coca TrampoWhat to try in Mallorca?

Mallorcan pizza without cheese it’s probably the easiest description. Coca trampo is available in bakeries and pastry shops and you eat it cold. It’s covered with tomatoes or tomato sauce with chopped vegetables.

Coca de PerrotsWhat to try in Mallorca?

Same as Coca trampo but with peppers. We liked this type better.

what to try in mallorca

Coca de PatataWhat to try in Mallorca?

We were actually trying to order coca trampo but misunderstood each other with waitress and got coca de patata. Difference is significant as coca de patat is delicate, sweet bun sprinkled with powdered sugar which has a flavour of Polish  steamed yeast dumplings. Google says it’s made with potatoes but we think more likely potato flour.

what to try in mallorca

Caraciles a la mallorquinaWhat to try in Mallorca?

Not many would associate Mallorca with snails but in fact it’s a popular dish. We tried those little creatures in tapas bar. They’re prepared in a way to take the most of their natural aroma out. Quite hardcore for first encounter with snails but all fans should appreciate.

what to try in mallorca

CocarroisWhat to try in Mallorca?

Brittle cakes filled with vegetables. Most likely our cakes were with cabbage, onion and raisins (sometimes also nuts). Quite interesting and filling snack

 Sobrassada What to try in Mallorca?

Soft and spicy pork sausage. There is some similarities to Italian Nduja. For us – heaven on a plate.

Cremadillo What to try in Mallorca?

Sweet multi-layered cakes with structure similar to French pastry or filo.  Cremadillo are more rigid and brittle. There is many varieties sweet, salty and something in between. We  tried cremadillo sobrassada I mel – with sweet honey and spicy sobrassada sausage, interesting and well balanced mix.

what to try in mallorca

CheeseWhat to try in Mallorca?

If you ask locals what is worth trying in Mallorca they would probably say ham over cheese which are delicious as everywhere in Spain. We wouldn’t be ourselves if not try local cheese which is made from cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk. Mallorcan cheeses are quite mild so if you’re not a fan of stinky ones you should try.

what to try in mallorca

Recommended places:

Bar Dia

Tapas bar in Palma occupied by crowds. Food is really tasty and prices approachable but not super cheap. For a bottle of wine we paid only 12.5 euro. We got Pica Pica, grilled sardines, snails and paa’Mb oli. All great.

Carrer dels Apuntadors, 18, 07012 Palma de Mallorca

Market in Pollenca

It’s worth to visit on Sunday morning when market is happening. You can buy bread, pastries and cheesecake, fruits, vegetables, cheese and ham as well as drink freshly squeezed orange juice.  You can find handcraft and clothes stalls but we haven’t been interest in those at the time.

Plaça Major, Pollenca

Ca N’Antuna

Restaurant in Fornalutx with amazing view from open terrace. Unfortunately very popular with locals and tourists as well. It was really hard to get a table in October on Sunday afternoon. Without reservation chances for table with a view are slim. We ate Lechon there – absolutely amazing!

Carrer Arbona-Colom, 14, 07109 Fornalutx

Panord Pollenca

Bakery serving whole lot of different tasty treats! We’ve ordered 2 coffees, cremadillo sobrassada i mel, cremadillo chocolate, coca de patate, coca de perots and panada de carn and we paid only 10.60 euro!

25, Carrer de Cecili Metel, 07460 Pollença


Disneyland for adults! Wine is served in original way. After seating down you will get ‘magic card’ which you can use for accumulating charges. You can choose from many different wines of wine vending machine. You put your card into vending machine  then you choose the wine and measure, degustation, half glass, full glass. Wide selection of different prices from couple of euros per glass to over a dozen. In the end you get your card checked and pay for what you’ve ordered. Pretty cool if you want to try many different wines.

Calle Apuntadores, 24, 07012 Palma

Il Pizzetaro

Recommendation of pizza outside of Italy always slightly contradicts our principle of eating locally in a given place. This pizza deserves a recommendation! Run by Italians, this pizzeria in Cala d’Or serves fantastic pies! The pizza is delicious, with fairly classic options, no extravagances or experimentation. The crust is excellent, and what surprises – baked in an electric oven, not a wood-fired one! Before the meal, we received deep-fried pieces of dough as a snack, and on the second visit, we were bid farewell with free limoncello. Italians run the place, and the atmosphere is very Italian as well.

Address: Carrer Marquès de Comillas, 10, 07660 Cala D’or, Illes Balears, Spain

El Rincón

A tapas bar with classic yet fresh and tasty offerings. We had fantastic croquettes there – fresh and crispy, as well as shrimp, bread with aioli, and calamari. Everything is fresh and delicious, and the prices are acceptable for Mallorca.

Address: 47 Carrer d’en Toni Costa, 07660 Cala d’Or

Restaurant Celler El Molí

A local restaurant where the lunch set (appetizer, main course, water, bread, and wine) costs around 18 euros and is truly delicious. The wines are produced in the owners’ winery. Tasty, affordable, and traditional!

Address: 72 Carrer del Pare Vives, 07460 Pollença

Bar España

A tapas bar also serving pintxos, which are small sandwiches with various toppings – some are displayed on the bar, and special options like veal or fried cheese are ordered from the menu. Really high-quality, tasty tapas! The place is located in the very center but is somewhat hidden, so it’s worth marking it on the map.

Address: 12 Carrer de Can Escursac, Palma

Restaurante Can Joan Frau

One of the eateries in the Santa Catalina market. The fact that it’s good is evident from the crowds of locals occupying the place from early morning. We recommend the delicious potato omelette and warn about the portions of tomato bread, they are really huge!

Plaça de la Navegació, 07013 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain